Mounting metal structures, maintenances and special processing

Mounting steel structures

Mocam S.r.l. is specialized in the assembly of metal structures of all kinds, both for civil and industrial use. Our company provides a particular expertise in the industrial sector : in addition to the installation of sheds we are also specialized in industrial maintenance, installation of lifting equipment (cranes, gantry cranes), large demolitions, assembly and installation of support structures for fume extraction systems , pipe-racks, support structures and motorized scaffolding.


The yard is the place where the building takes shape through the assembly and installation of all components previously designed and produced.

The optimal safe conduct of the activities of assembly depends on the proper planning of resources used, by the means available and the logistics of supply of all materials and equipment required for assembly.

Since the early stages the issue of security is provided by us in the foreground, with a study by our expert technicians all the issues that each job may encounter in its regular course, in order to find the best solution (more security ) for every situation even taking advantage of the experience and constant presence in the yard of our officers.

Safety is the key principle that underlie our activities, we believe that the work done in the yard is fundamental to have high level of expertise staff, which uses modern equipment and suitable lifting equipment such as cranes and air platforms to operate safely and efficiently.

Special works and maintenance

An independent area takes care of industrial maintenances with replacement surgeries of the runway and bridge cranes during periods stop.

We carry out maintenance or performing annalscontracts annals.