Our history


Mocam s.r.l. currently belongs to the Giuseppe and Defendente Pedretti brothers, with its seventy employees and an annual turnover amounted to around 12.000.000 € is classified as a medium enterprise.

It performs it's activities both in the national territory and abroad, mainly in the private sector, although in recent years is opening up a market segment in the public sector.

It has its roots in the personal initiative of Giuseppe, when in 1980, with a rich experience in the field of industrial assembly, start a commercial activity with the assistance of his brother Defendente and 10 employees.

Always led by Giuseppe Pedretti, over time the company has grown by degrees with natural physiologic, typical of the facilities operated directly by entrepreneurs with great self-sacrifice, willingness to work without limits and a high propensity to reinvestment that make available to the Company ,unconditionally, the personal wealth allowing it to achieve a dynamic expansion and a high level of competitiveness.

In 1985, a family group will be created with the formation of MONTAGGI PEDRETTI S.N.C. in which it participates, with the contribution of capital and management of the activity, the wife of Giuseppe, Marisa Moscardi.

Soon the structures of the company prove too undersized compared to the organizational complexity that the group has achieved, so will be established in 1991 the Mocam s.r.l. thet until 2008 coexists with the MONTAGGI PEDRETTI S.N.C. to absorb it, then definitely in 2009.


The company establishes the head office in the industrial area of Bienno, where it builds a shed used as a workshop, warehouse and administration.

In 1995, it is one of the first companies, seizing the opportunities offered by the market, that expands the objective of the work and it is stated in remediation of asbestos becoming a leader in the field.

In 2009, the structures of Mocam s.r.l reveal themselves again undersized compared to the complexity that the company has achieved, it buys and cleaning up an area of about 4,000 square meters, in 2011 will be built the new head officewhere will be expanded the mechanical workshop and repair of motor vehicles, warehouse and storage spaces materials.